"...suffering is one of the universal conditions of being alive. We all suffer. We have become terribly vulnerable, not because we suffer, but because we have separated ourselves from each other." -- Rachel Naoimi Remen

Monday, October 21, 2013

Top Twenty Today

After reflecting on my recent post, I wanted to be sure it was clear how I felt about these two things:

1.  Suffering - in absolutely no way, shape or form, does God cause our suffering.  Sharing with Christ in communion doesn't mean God's happy about it, or that He brings it upon us.  Suffering happens because of an imperfect world.  Suffering as it relates to pregnancy problems happens because of medical illness most often.  Something in the process broke down (and no, it wasn't you getting a pedicure, eating deli-meat or not standing on your head for thirty minutes after doing it!) We did nothing to cause this loss, and neither did God.  But we can bear it... together.

2.  Blessings - the abundance of blessings around is truly too plentiful to count.  I mentioned in the last blog about being thankful that my one toddler was napping so I had time to blog.  I thought, as an example, it'd be nice to dissect this statement for a moment to be sure we recognized the many layers of blessing here, and indeed in everything. 

"I have a toddler..."
(1) He's healthy enough to survive to age 3... (2) I was healthy enough to have him...

"I have one toddler..."
(3) Having only one kid allows me some freedoms as he grows and becomes more independent...

"My one toddler is napping..."
(4) Not every three year old naps.... sometimes little babies don't nap... I have a child who's lived to three and still naps... (5) for two hours almost every afternoon... (6) I don't have another baby to keep me busy right now... (7) I don't have chores or other work right now...

"So I can blog..."
I can (8) read, (9) write and (10) type... (11) I've been given the gift of creativity... (12) I've been inspired to share my story... (13) sharing my story has liberated me in ways I never knew possible... (14) sharing my story has allowed me to bear witness to (15) my faith foundations... (16) sharing my story has helped heal me... (17) sharing my story might help heal you... (18) sharing my story has brought me closer to friends I'd lost touch with...

"right now..."
(19)  I'm here right now, writing, praying, thinking... (20) you're here right now... and we're together, miles apart but together in this very real, very beautiful, struggle...

Dear Lord,
Today and always
Guard me against blame
We should not blame you for our loss
Also, please I beg you, do not allow us to blame ourselves
Today and always,
"have your way with me"
Help us "dance in the minefields"
By counting our blessings
In great detail
All the time
We need an attitude of gratitude
Today and always

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