"...suffering is one of the universal conditions of being alive. We all suffer. We have become terribly vulnerable, not because we suffer, but because we have separated ourselves from each other." -- Rachel Naoimi Remen

Thursday, September 19, 2013

...by our love

For the past two Sunday's in church, I've been hearing God pull on my heart strings.  My husband and I are both pro-life and support a local Pregnancy Center.  Morning Star Pregnancy Center serves women in crisis with unplanned pregnancies; it's the kind of place our society needs more of.  Although it's Christians who serve as volunteers and workers at this fine establishment, everyone is welcomed and loved in a way that exemplifies Christ, regardless of their religion or lack thereof. 

Now, since as we have decided to move towards adoption as a way of growing our family, I have started to see the value in such places even more.  Birthmothers all over our great country are undersupported when they want to choose life for their baby.  Maybe they don't have the family support, or the boyfriend or husband who can help out.  I can't begin to imagine most of their circumstances.  So, who can they lean on?  These may be Christian girls, regretting a mistake and where are we to help them?  Places like Morning Star can help.  These young women need us, as a society and as individuals, to help them in their time of need. 

So, as a way of "paying it forward" to my second child's Birthmother, I am going to continue to support Morning Star.  I don't know where she is out there... I don't even know if she's pregnant yet.  But, in faith, I know she's going to need someone to lean on.  I pray there's a Pregnancy Center in her neighborhood half as good as Morning Star.  I pray she has the support she needs, even if it can't come from her family for whatever number of reasons. 

I pray she's knows we are Christians by our love. 

Morning Star Fund Easy page

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